To the End of the Line

This book was conceived as an entertaining way to introduce New York City residents and tourists alike to the wealth of opportunity and adventure that can be found in the often under-explored areas at the ends of the city’s subway system. I served as primary designer, designing the cover, laying out pages, and helping develop the visual language. This work was done for Allen James Design.
Part pocket guide, part coffee table book, To the End of the Line is set up as a series of three-spread chapters, each dedicated to a specific stop.
Included in each chapter was a detailed map, a list of attractions, a summary of the area’s history, and photographs.
I assisted in searching for and selecting the photographic imagery, the bulk of which was sourced from users on Flickr.
At well over two hundred pages, the book is a content-rich source of compelling information and imagery that most people, even native New Yorkers, know very little about.